Welcome to the History of Type Wiki

I think you will find this tool very intuitive and easy to use. If you experience any struggles, use the help menus and feel free to e-mail me at tbarber@vcc.ca

The only bit to be careful with is making sure that you do not accidentally overwrite each others' posts/work. Good luck and enjoy this intriguing exploration of typography!

Getting Started

In a team of 4-5 you will create a short wiki on the history of typography specific to your assigned era.

Using the materials provided as a reference, complete additional internet research. Consider the following:
  • Typefaces of the era and their visual characteristics
  • Relationships to other typefaces in its history (origins)
  • Tools and surfaces (substrates) utilized in the era
  • Cultural and political climate during that period and its influence
  • Key players/movements (i.e., futurists, humanists) of the era
  • Typefaces used in popular substrate/print media of the times
  • Additional points of interest


Your team will present your wiki, summarizing your findings. Be sure to include images and samples to supplement your content. Where relevant, provide links to your online resources.


The post is due by Sunday at 11:59pm

Feel free to use the discussion area to share your learning 'aha's!' with the entire group.

Need Help?

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